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  • The cost is Clear. Full disclosure is here!

    MyCar was created with the goal of providing our customers with a totally improved car buying experience. Our years of experience in the industry have taught us a lot about how people perceive the car buying experience. Our goal was nothing short of transforming that experience into something completely new!

    For example, did you realize that most people perceive buying a car in a negative way? In fact, for most people, the idea of buying a car actually causes stress. We have long felt that there absolutely had to be a much better way, and that is why we created MyCar.

    We took our years of industry experience and know-how and merged it with extensive study of the marketplace. We wanted to learn what it was that you the customer wanted in an auto buying experience. MyCar discovered the following:

    1. You want reasonable, no haggle prices
    2. You want no pressure sales people
    3. You want proper quality control so that you can buy a car with confidence

    MyCar’s approach is nothing short of revolutionary. We are determined to establish the standard in Ontario by guaranteeing the lowest prices, having a zero pressure sales team and having the strictest measures in quality control. With MyCar, each and every car has a complete history report. Better yet, this history report can be viewed online and at no cost whatsoever to you! When you are in the market for a new vehicle, your best option is MyCar

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